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New Social Network trailer has actual footage instead of giant words


Wow, I'm deeply impressed by this new trailer for David Fincher's THE SOCIAL NETWORK. The first teaser spot was intriguing, with only audio and giant words populating the screen, but this one has actual footage in it, and is put together extremely well.

Set against what appears to be a children’s choir version of Radiohead’s Creep, the trailer is almost haunting, and shows the dramatic rise and subsequent controversy over the founding and explosion of Facebook.

I might not exactly be Nostradamus to predict that this is going to be pretty great with Fincher at the helm, but I never actually thought I’d be legitimately excited about this movie. After this trailer, that’s changed.

Check it out below or see it in HD at Yahoo!, and let me know what you make it.

Extra Tidbit: This should be pretty career-making for Eisenberg if all goes well.
Source: Yahoo!



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