New TDK article

The New York Times has a new article on THE DARK KNIGHT, which you can check out right over HERE. Although, be forewarned, good old Pedro at /Film tells me that there are spoilers in the first paragraph so you might want to skip over that like I did. You know how people wonder what's more painful, a kick in the nuts, or giving birth? And how we'll never be able to gauge the relative pain levels? I'm pretty sure having THE DARK KNIGHT spoiled would be a pretty good litmus test. Anyway, from the article are a bunch of new pictures, including this sweet one of Chris Nolan up on the rooftop where Nicole Kidman tried to get in Val Kilmer's Bat pants back in BATMAN FOREVER:

Kinda reminds me of that picture of Bryan Singer with Magneto's helmet. Anyway, whatever, we're still waiting for that new trailer, guys. Although thanks for not baiting people by attaching it to 10,000 BC.
Extra Tidbit: Due to scheduling conflicts, Morgan Freeman had to drop out of THE DARK KNIGHT. Robert Downey Jr. instead will play Lucius Fox.
Source: NY Times



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