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New Transformers: Age of Extinction Poster; Hi-Yo, Grimlock! Away!


If the very cool images for TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION we showed you this morning didn't get you pumped for this Thursday's new trailer, then maybe the new poster will. The badass poster features Optimus Prime riding Grimlock; the two came face-to-face in the first trailer below.

The trailers and TV spots so far have been pretty great at showcasing a lot of action, which is the sole reason for these movies to exist. Saying that though, I’m still left wondering how Michael Bay's latest cinematic outing with the robots in disguise will top the previous entries. What else is there to destroy?

TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION opens in theaters and IMAX on June 27 2014.

How many American flags can you spot in the first trailer?

Extra Tidbit: According to Michael Bay this will be the shortest installment in the series.
Source: DenofGeek



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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