On the Darksiders

It seems like this project has been in the works for almost as long as I've been writing about movies, but these particularly resilient undead are being unearthed for one more try.

New Line's vampire action flick DARKSIDERS is rising from the tomb yet again, this time courtesy of writer Laeta Kalogridis (the studio acquired the original script in 2001). The story follows a group of bloodsuckers who, because of their unique abilities, are recruited to work for the FBI (on the night shift, one assumes). Because of their penchant for gratuitous mayhem and ingesting fresh hemoglobin, the Feds must keep them on a short leash.

Kalogridis is one of those writers whose IMDB filmography looks pretty grim superficially (ALEXANDER, BIRDS OF PREY) but has also done rewrites or early drafts of everything from WONDER WOMAN to X-MEN to MODESTY BLAISE (and, unfortunately, TOMB RAIDER and CATWOMAN), plus a pair of upcoming James Cameron projects (THE DIVE and BATTLE ANGEL), so obviously she's doing something right. Previous non-starters involved with DARKSIDERS include BLADE guy David Goyer, Jonathan Heinsleigh (THE PUNISHER), and X-FILES regular David Nutter.
Extra Tidbit: Yes, the headline was a reference to the song from EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS.
Source: Variety



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