Ouija gets writers

Ever since its recent flaming cameo in PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, the Ouija board has been riding high on a wave of fame and high praise. Well not really, but it is still getting its own movie, believe it or not, a movie that now has writers, and surprisingly decent ones at that.

Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, of TRON LEGACY and LOST fame, are writing the Michael Bay-produced film which is being hyped as a “supernatural action thriller.” It may disappoint you to learn that the Ouija board is NOT actually a mystical ghost-talking device, as much as it is a mass produced board game from Hasbro, the movie being the latest in their recent string of toy/game film offerings. I remember being slightly spooked by Ouija when was about six, but that quickly faded once I learned what “magnets” were.

I’ve little to no idea what Horowitz and Kitsis have planned for this project, outside of employing the various “rules” of the Ouija board (don’t use it alone, don’t use it in a graveyard, etc.), but as always, at least it’s not the VIEWMASTER movie.

Extra Tidbit: In PARANORMAL, I thought the whole Ouija bit was handled rather poorly.
Source: Heat Vision



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