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Pierce's Childhood

Iím excited to write about this story because itís about one of the few books Iíve ever read being adapted into a screenplay. Kimberly Pierce, who made BOYS DONíT CRY and has the upcoming war drama STOP LOSS on its way, told MTV that she wants her next film to be a version of Sir Arthur C. Clarkeís novel CHILDHOODíS END. Yep, thatís sci-fi folks! Hereís what she said:

ďI love ĎChildhoodís End.í Thatís a phenomenal book,Ē she enthused. ďWe have a draft of that and weíll see if Universal wants to make it.Ē

The book is considered a masterpiece of the genre, and is about an alien race that descends upon Earth, and rather than destroy it, they end all wars, poverty, hunger and fear, creating a utopia. The catch is they look like Satan, with wings, hooves, horns, everything. Not only that, but theyíre extraordinarily secretive, and itís their secret that drives the story forward. Pierce thinks that if she were to launch this production, sheíll need a major star to give the studio confidence that this thing will sell:

ďIf youíre going to launch something that big you need a big movie star. Itís probably not less than a 70 million dollar movie,Ē Peirce commented. ďYou go to that movie with a certain appetite for spectacle.Ē

I donít agree with this. Every weekend movies featuring major stars flop at the box office. If big stars sell movies, then THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES wouldíve been one of this yearís highest earners.

Extra Tidbit: When I read this book, I realized just what kind of genius Clarke is. It's incredible.
Source: MTV Movies



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