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Pitt and Damon reteam as badass...penguins?


What could bring Brad Pitt and Matt Damon together for another film? No, not George Clooney and a new OCEAN’S installment, rather it’s George Miller, who according to Movieline, has just signed on the studly pair to voice two penguins in HAPPY FEET 2.

The pair has a storied career in film no doubt, but the same can’t really be said for their animated endeavors with Pitt’s SINBAD being something of a trainwreck and Damon’s TITAN A.E. practically overlooked entirely. But really, can you go wrong with voicing penguins in a movie guaranteed to make over $200M? I think not.

No word on how large these roles will be, as they could be full-on supporting characters to Elijah Wood and Robin Williams, or they could simply be a pair of cameos, as I can see Happy Feet meeting up with some other “star” penguins after his newfound fame found via dancing.

Extra Tidbit: I would have preferred if Miller picked them up for FURY ROAD.
Source: Movieline



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