Q is Wolvey's Fox?

God, if anyone can decipher that headline to mean that Maggie Q has been cast as Silver Fox in the upcoming WOLVERINE movie, then please email me and I'll send you some kind of prize. And oh yeah, that's the story that's being reported via IESB, who claim to have heard she is at least the forerunner for the role, and possibly has even already been cast. Who is Silver Fox you ask? Well I'm glad you asked, since this is probably about the only kind of time when being an ex-comic book geek will make me seem in any way cool. Oh and there might be SPOILERS here, if the film intends to stay faithful to the character, so I'd be careful about reading any further if you want to see this thing fresh.

She was essentially an ex-lover of Wolverine's, who had the power of an accelerated healing factor (artificially given to her by the Weapon X Project), much like our boy's, except nowhere near as powerful. She also worked for a covert ops team for the CIA, before betraying them and defecting to a terrorist organisation called 'Hydra'. She is eventually killed by Sabretooth. Also, I don't know why I thought my ability to explain that would make me cool. This is one of those rare stories that is just awesome; Silver Fox is a cool character, Maggie Q is hot in ways that never even occurred to me before MI3, and WOLVERINE is a project we're all at least a little bit excited about. Case closed.
Extra Tidbit: Her real name: Maggie Denise Quigley. Quigles, if you would like to come forward, now would be the time. Oh and there's no prize, I was joking.
Source: IESB



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