Release date shuffle

For quite a while now in the movie business, it seems like having a good release date is almost more important than actually having a good movie. So the studios are jockeying for position with their big upcoming projects, looking for a quality slot several years in advance.

The latest shifts on the calendar:

Dreamworks has (again) moved their CG-animated 3-D flick MONSTERS vs. ALIENS, now to March 27, 2009, to get even distance from the May '09 release of James Cameron's equally 3-D sci-fi opus AVATAR.

DAWN TREADER, the third NARNIA entry (after next summer's PRINCE CASPIAN), will now arrive in May 2010 because they're still training the talking animals or something.

Universal's remake of THE WOLF MAN will now howl at the moon some time in the first half of 2009 instead of the previously planned November 2008. Star Benicio del Toro may need extra time to get his facial hair more full and fluffy.

Expect more big movies to bounce around in the months ahead as they seek prime real estate.
Extra Tidbit: The success of JAWS in 1975 is often credited as creating the summer movie "season".
Source: Variety



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