Rev: My Blueberry Nights

Directed by: Wong Kar Wai
Starring: Norah Jones, Jude Law, Rachel Weisz,
David Strathairn, Natalie Portman

PLOT: Internationally acclaimed director Wong Kar Wai, takes us on a dramatic journey in his English feature film MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS starring an all-star ensemble cast. Making her big screen debut, Norah Jones stars as Elizabeth who, in an attempt to escape painful memories and disappointment, sets out on a long journey across the US leaving a new special friend (Jude Law) behind. In her quest to heal her broken heart, she waitresses her way through the country and encounters several other crushed souls yearning for friendship, direction and closure.

CRITIQUE: Overall, I thought this was a creative, visual, heartbreaking, emotional and educational journey to self-healing and discovery. Although the story was equivocal at times, the attempt to unfold the emotional journey and recovery from heartbreak came full circle and brought closure to each dysfunctional existence Elizabeth befriended along the way. Best of all, the script wasn’t another CRASH flick burdened with multiple vignettes. There were several subplots but the focus was on one main character that intertwined with each entity in her journey to self-exploration. I particularly admired how others’ misfortunes and adversities became a positive lesson and aid in Elizabeth ’s personal growth.

However, a very slow pace weakened the script. As the plot unraveled, the film dragged on almost intentionally to elucidate and identify with Elizabeth ’s emptiness and loneliness. Although I understood Wai’s intentions, I believe they backfired due to a lack of excitement. The acting was superb, visceral and spontaneous. Many musicians have tried to make the transition from singing to acting and I think Jones did a fine job in embodying a vulnerable woman. She portrayed a plausible innocence and innate quality, which evoked empathy for her sweet and intoxicating personality. On the other hand, I found Law’s rough looks and raw honesty incredibly sexy and appealing.

Respectively, Weisz, Strathairn and Portman exhibited strong and compelling performances reaffirming their extraordinary talents.  I felt especially mesmerized with the direction of photography and its use of vibrant colors. Most scenes were accentuated with a unique slow motion and vividity, which awakened the senses while creating a memorable impact. A particularly memorable scene for me was a very passionate, slow and silent kiss shared by Law and Jones which for me solidified their surprising on screen compatibility. Although I was very impressed with the acting, directing and photography, the main deterrent for me was the slow progression of the storyline. -- 5/10


Source: JoBlo.com



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