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Susan being Shy

Oliver Stone is negotiating a hot mommy for Shia LaBoeuf, and she might just bare the ageless beauty of Susan Sarandon.

Sarandon is in final negotiations to join WALL STREET 2: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS as Shia's mom alongside Frank Langella, Josh Brolin and Mike Douglas as Gordon Gekko himself.The veteran actress does add a touch of class to an already strong cast, but I still say Shia needs to lay low a bit before turning into Nic Cage with two movies a year an no one caring much anymore.

Production is just about to go underway, in time for a projected April 2010 release. And I agree with Mike Sampson's suggestion to drop the "Wall Street 2" from the title; the movie would already sound more interesting. Hey! They can call it "The Wall Street Saga" instead... just saying.

Extra Tidbit: Susan Sarandon; talk about Bette Davis eyes. Actually, she looks a but like Judy Greer on that pic.
Source: Variety



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