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Wow, what a bunch of sick f*cks we have visiting this site!! Seriously though, in less than 12 hours, we received over 200 entries for this "sick SAW II story" contest, and let me tell you...I almost upchucked my dinner reading a handful of them.

Below are the BIG 5 WINNERS, who have already been advised by email, followed by a bunch of runners-up, who were all very good and deserved -- at least -- some cool site recognition.

Oh, and if you're weak of stomach, I don't suggest you read any further because...yes, there will be blood!

John M:

You would be held hostage chained on one side of the room with a gun and tons of ammo. Four bodies are in body bags (you can't see who they are) but clearly alive propped upright against the wall across the room and trying to wriggle free. You can mow them down with a hail of gunfire not knowing if they are someone you know or not (you will find out once the deed is done) and you will be free. Or you can take the easy way out and kill yourself saving either complete strangers or what might be family and friends. This would be for someone who takes their family for granted because of course the Jigsaw Killer always has a lesson to teach.

Ben P:

Hello, John. Seeing you waste your life as you have has made me feel less than determined to let you live. However, I set this choice before you in order to let you determine, not just if your life is worth saving, but the lives of the ones you love. On your left is your mother, to your right, your sister. Fear not, they are still alive; they've been given a powerful tranquilizer. The reason they are here with you is because they've been accomplices to your wasted existence; helpers of the scum of the earth. Here is your game... Inside all three of you is a toxin that will kill you all in about an hour. Inside one of you...is the cure for one of the two people left. Your mother gave you life, yet it is wasted, and your sister took you in when your father kicked you and your mother out. Let it be duly noted that there is a scalpel in your pocket, and the only hint I’ll give is that the antidote is being kept close to somebody’s heart…rather close, in fact. You will notice that all three of you have stitches running down your chests, but with whom does the antidote lie? I’ll let you decide… Will you kill your blood to save yourself, or save one of them and redeem your pitiful existence? Let the games begin…

Dominick G:

You're a hot blond model at the top of your game. You're on magazine covers, music videos, product endorsements...the whole 9 yards. Yet your cocky demeanor forces you to look down on those who aren't as beautiful and weren't blessed with good looks.

You wake up in a dark room. A little freaky clown dude comes on the tv and say: "Beauty is your life, its who you are, but you don't appreciate what you have. "Somewhere in your body lies 3 keys you need in order to get out of this room. They lie hidden directly beneath your skin, somewhere under a set of stitches. All the stitches have nothing under them, except the possibility of become a grotesque scar that you will have to live with the rest of your life. You have 1 hour before this room will release a poisonous gas which will kill you instantly."

(You look down at your body. Like a pin cushion somebody has completely cut up your skin and with an artists touch stitched you back up. They are all over your arms, chest, legs and back. A look in a nearby mirror shows that the same goes with your face. A table holds an assortment of small, yet sharp medical instruments)

"You take your looks for granted so now you will have to make a choice. Would you rather die, or live and be ugly? How much blood would you shed to stay alive?" (rhetorical question)

A timer starts to countdown and all she does is cry, trying to find a way out. Finally, the gas starts to pour in the room at the 10 minute mark, and she realizes her fate. The kickass music starts as we see our victim slowly tear away at the stitches on her legs, chest, arms and eventually her face. She finally finds 1 key, but the gas is too much and she perishes.

Tim M:

A pimp wakes up in an empty, windowless, locked room. He is butt ass naked, and lying at his feet is a pair of rusty pliers. The distorted voice of Jigsaw fills the enclosure.

"Hello, Gary. I want to play a game. You are a womanizer and seem to believe your genitalia are intended not for procreation, but your own irresponsible pleasures. How many women have you ditched upon impregnation?

Since you don't want children, I'll make sure your wish is granted. Lying at your feet is a pair of pliers. You are going to pull the skin of your scrotum back tight over your left testicle, and place it inside the jaws of said pliers. You've recklessly busted thousands of nuts before, now you're going to bust one right open. Clamp the pliers shut as hard as you can and repeat the process on your right testicle.

Play the game, and when you regain consciousness the door will be open, and you will receive the antidote to a fatal, yet easily reversible germ. You see Gary, the last woman you slept with, the woman I paid to fuck you, carries more diseases than the entire continent of Africa. The most potent of which, Ebola, will kill you within 48 hours, and it's not going to be painless. I have all the time in the world, and would be perfectly happy to watch you rot from the inside out. Live or die. Make your choice."

Mark S:

There's a slow fade in to a dark and dirty room, very Saw-like in nature. Flickering fluorescent lights struggle to come alive out of the misery of the cold, tiled chamber. In the center of this eerie room sits a woman, battered and bloody, just awaking from an unconscious slumber. There is a searing pain in her lower abdomen and between her thighs. She frantically springs to her feet and scans the room for the adversary who attacked and kidnapped her but there is no one in sight. No one alive, that is. Hunched in the corner is the corpse of a naked man, sporting a significantly large erection. Beside the body
lies a silver tape recorder and nothing else. The woman creeps closer to the corpse, each step sending a new shock of pain reverberated through her abdomen and within her vagina. She fears she's been raped as tears and whimpers struggle to escape her fragile demeanor.

With a gasp, she gently kneels beside the corpse and lifts the silver tape recorder closer, gently pressing the PLAY button. Through the crackle of the magnetic strip of tape, a familiar slow and calculating voice emerges. "Hello Holle... you're probably wondering why you're here, and why you're not at work... at the abortion clinic!" Holle's eyes widen in instant fear. This man knows her. He continues, "for years you have ripped the lives of unborn children from their mother's loins without even giving them a chance of survival. Tonight, you'll know what it feels like to be one of them..." Holle locks up.

"By now you must surely feel that aching between your thighs that clouds your mind and tortures your body. Let me tell you what it is Holle. It's a little device of mine that I call, the ticking blowfish. Here's what it does... it begins about the size of a golf ball, that is how I was able to ram it deep into your vagina." Holle begins to quak in horror. "At approximately 6:00 p.m., that golf ball will detonate to the size of a bowling ball, springing hundreds to spiked barbs outward into whatever is surrounding it. A fair price to pay for equal damage that you do at that clinic of yours."

Holle clutches her lower abdomen and feels a foreign bulge. Whimpering, she checks her watch: 5:53 p.m. She rips off her skirt and glances to her pubic area. It is encased in a steel chastity belt like object complete with a tiny padlock. She screams. "But there is hope Holle. There's always hope... look at that corpse lying beside you. Quite the unit on him, eh Holle? They say that the human male can retain an erection for 15 minutes after death, and even ejaculate for all that time. This fella's been dead for about 7 minutes. If it's the key you seek, you may find it in the urethral tract of this man's penis. The trick will be to find a way to forcefully eject that key from the penis before he loses his wood."

Holle stares, horrified at the sight and situation before her. "Good luck Holle... but please... don't use your teeth!" The cavernous room echoes with the sinister laughter from the tape recorder and Holle frantically begins her work...

Fade to black


Andrew WK:

The victim wakes up inside in an old health club on the tile deck by an abandoned pool. He is fitted with an apparatus that slowly releases a flammable agent all over his person on a mechanical timer that will light a spark after a set period of time. The only way to remove the helmet is to retrieve a key in the deep end of the pool. The catch is that there are weights attached to the apparatus that make it impossible to come up for air once he dives in for the key.

Laurence M:

You wake up in a room with a metal vest on and your hands are handcuffed behind your back. You are told that the vest will constrict until it squeezes you to death unless you get the key to unlock your handcuffs so that you can take the vest off. The catch is that the key is located in your grandma's (who is laying on the ground dead) woman parts and because your hands are cuffed, you have no choice but to use your mouth.

Mark N:

Same dingy, dilapidated, bathroom with a young man chained upright to the wall. The place is completely empty save for next to the young man is a black burlap sack and a small box sitting directly across from him. After initially waking up and panicking/sweating he laboriously reaches for the sack.

First he pulls out a very small hard leather bound case which he temporarily discards. Next he pulls out some photographs with pictures of himself in various poses of intimacy with a woman. Then next he pulls out the tape recorder which has dialogue:

"How much do you really love your wife? Was it really til death do you part? You have one hour and only one solution to the puzzle. Solve it and she lives. Don't solve it and you live. How much do you really love your wife?"

He pulls out an iPod video screen and which is on and sees his wife (not the woman in the photos) with a heavy contraption hooked up to her head which is quite obviously some sort of a bomb. She is in a heightened state of panic. A small counter reads 58:47 and is counting down.

Straight ahead about ten feet in front of our hero a small black box stands with four phone-like buttons with four digital zeros about them.

Words below on it read "BOMB EMERGENCY STOP." Obviously you must punch a code to stop the bomb.

Our hero panics. He is chained and doesn't even come close reaching out as far as he can go to reach the box.

He grabs the tape recorder and flings it towards the black box...nothing...

Beeps come from the iPod video and the ticker on the video screen has started to go slightly faster.

Our hero quickly pulls the last 2 things out of the bag: a smallish metal hook with a loop and a small instructional "book" with detailed pictures obviously made by our sinister villain on how to cleanly remove your intestines from your own stomach.

He looks back at the leather bound case, picks it up, and removes a surgeon's scalpel from within.

He is horrified.

He must remove his own intestines, tie them to the end of the hook, throw his own intestines like a rope, and pull the box towards him in order to enter the code to save his wife's life...

Laurence M:

You wake up in a room with a metal vest on and your hands are handcuffed behind your back. You are told that the vest will constrict until it squeezes you to death unless you get the key to unlock your handcuffs so that you can take the vest off. The catch is that the key is located in your grandma's (who is laying on the ground dead) woman parts and because your hands are cuffed, you have no choice but to use your mouth.

Eddie G:

Clue: "Eat You Alive"

Two men have been trapped for hours. One is in the verge of dying, with his insides a bit on the outside, full of foam and maggots. He took a pill for his high blood pressure, and did the mistake to drink from a glass of water nearby. Worms are starting to crawl around the open wound.

The other man is strapped around in a white jacket used on crazy folks. He is desperate. He's been watching this poor man die slowly in great pain, and see his open wounds decompose. The strapped man also has one more hour to live. He was injected some kind of venom. He needs to find a key, that will open a door to get the cure.

With the clue "Eat You Alive", the strapped man must figure out, that the dying man, without knowing drank the key after taking his pill, and he now has to take it out. The thing is the strapped man is-- well strapped and can't use his hands, so he needs to use his mouth. He has to literally eat his way through the man's rotten wounds, stomach area, and live worms, and chew the inside organs (intestines, stomach, raw meat, etc.), until he finds the key. He has to do this disgustingly while hearing the low cries of the dying man. The strapped man can't swallow either because the dying man's blood is infected with another type of venom, that will cause anyone who drinks it, stomach to explode.

Gavin H:

This guy has been sleeping around with all of these random women and has had carefree, unprotected sex with all of them. But what these ladies don't know is that this guy has a boat load of SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES!

Jigsaw gets a whim of this news and takes the deviant hostage. When the guy wakes up, he is going to be forced to shove 35 wooden toothpicks up his penis hole to represent each of the women that he has had sex with and given an STD. If he doesn't do this, he will be locked in the room and will essentially starve to death. MAKE YOUR CHOICE!!!!

Alan D:

You wake up and realize that you are in a straight jacket with the lock around your neck so you could unlock it by using your mouth if you had a key, and also there is a dead body to your left. A tv is in front of you with a note that says press here, Jigsaw comes on screen and enlightens you that the dead body has a package to freedom held in the center of the brain. So you have to smash open the skull using your feet. After there is a hole big enough you have to fish out the package with your mouth. While trying you keep getting cut by tiny little razors.

You finally find the package and rip it open with your teeth. A 2 keys are inside, you use one to unlock the lock and the other is for a lock box in the corner. You unlock it. There is another key, for the exit, a gun with only one bullet and a note telling you that the fresh body was HIV positive and you now are infected will be your whole life. So now you are faced with the dilemma to kill yourself, or open the door and live by die slowly of AIDS.....You decide to kill yourself.....BUT if you opened the door, there is a note hanging saying that the whole AIDS thing was a joke. You are free...or could have been.

Patrick B:

You awaken in a room with nothing but a TV/dvd player, a hammer, and a tape player. You press play on the tape player and there is a message that says, "in 15 seconds the TV in front of you will start playing "Carlito's Way: Rise to Power", if you smash the TV with the hammer before the movie is over then the room will explode...otherwise the doors to the room will unlock at the end of the movie and you are free to go.

Travis A:

You wake up in a room and hear the moaning of a woman. All around you are television sets that have nothing but sexually deviant activities on them. Porn at its best. All of a sudden a little man on a bike rolls out form the corner. In a deep and foreboding voice he says, " You may have noticed that you are strapped to the table unable to move. You may also notice the sexual tension in the room.

What you man not see is the touch sensor inches away from your penis. If at any time you get and erection and your penis touches the pad there is a device around your dick and balls that will castrate you. You will be left to die here and be found as half the man you were. If you can control your carnal urges for 12 hours the chains holding you will be released.

If you look in the corner there is a man ties and bent over. This man is a sexual predator. He preys on small boys. If you can find it within yourself to "teach" this man a lessons and give him some of what he does to the little boys, a key will drop. It is your decision. Die a dismembered man or go against you natural desire. The choose is yours." At this point a television comes on with a home movie of Salma Hayek playing with the man in the boat and JoBlo's decision is made for him.


You have a bomb strapped to your chest. Don't try to pull the wires because there is a triggering device inside you, notice the stitching. So you can't get to it. In front of you are three rooms, all blast proof. Inside each one is a person strapped down to a bed. Inside one of these people is a pin. It is the only thing that will stop the bomb from blowing up in less than 2hrs. Each person is covered in stitches, you can't know exactly where the pin is, you have to search. You have nothing to cut them open with you must rip open the stitches with your hands and teeth. Try anything else and your dead.

One of the people is a pregnant women. The other is an old man with no family. The third is a young man in his 20's. Each one is alive and fully conscious. They are not gagged so you can talk to them. But they can't put up a fight, the straps are too tight. Try to unstrap them and your both dead. By the way at least one of these people you have to rip into is carrying full blown AIDS. The answer may not be that obvious. You can ask them of course. But will they tell you the truth?

You have many choices to make .You can either let yourself blow up an save all of them. Or you can rip them open and risk getting infected. How precious is your life to you? How much are you willing to trade for someone else's ? Suppose you live a long time. Think you can deal with what you have done? You may have to rip open one or more before you find the pin. It will not be pretty, trust me on that. The final choice is yours and the clock is ticking......

Mark A:

A man wakes up in a grim, dungeon-like room to find that he is naked and held immobile by an elaborate contraption of rigid steel and leather straps that keep him upright but completely prevent him from moving anything other than his head. Electrical wires snake across the concrete floor and bite into the metal contraption with alligator clips.

The man's penis is lying beneath the blade of what looks like a miniature guillotine, nine inches of flaccid meat in imminent danger of castration. A string dangles in front of his mouth, looking very much like the pull-switch for a table lamp.

A deep, disembodied, menacing voice booms from hidden speakers: "You, sir, have been chosen to play a game because you fail to appreciate what you have been given. Your manhood is impressive, but you use it only to fuck women and then forget them. Your life consists of only two things--fucking and forgetting. Is that something that can truly be called a life? I think not, but ultimately, the decision is yours. You see, you must now make a choice. In two minutes, enough electricity will shoot through the steel cage holding you prisoner to kill you almost instantly. Your skin will smoke, you will void your bowels, and your eyeballs will literally boil in their sockets until they burst open and run down your face like hot jelly. But you have the power to prevent this. Hanging in front of you is a string, a string you can pull with your teeth. When you pull that string, two things will happen. One, the power will be shut off, preventing your death by electrocution. The second event that will simultaneously occur when you pull the string, is that the blade of the guillotine will be released, completely severing your manhood from your body. Your two minutes have begun. Make your choice."

Nick G:

In honor of the World Series and another baseball season gone....

You wake up and your in a batting cage. Your strapped and locked to a board standing up-right facing the ball hurlers. You hear balls slapping into the fence. The balls are on fire. Something is burning and your soaked but it's not water. It's gasoline. You notice that below you more gas out of containers are draining into the cage. Next to you, another person is upright and strapped to another board as well as covered in gas. The more time you waste, the closer the balls get to hitting you or landing in the gas. The other person who is upright appears to be strapped to the controls.

Your locks aren't locked and you can get through your straps but have to be cautious of the fireballs flying closer to you. You walk over to the controls and realize that if the person falls forward or moves forward in the slightest, the speed of the rotation on the baseball thrower speeds up. You see a baseball bat next to the man. Taped to the bat is a recorder with a cassette. The cassette has a recording that explains if you try to move the man by hand in anyway, the flameball machine will snap into aim and send a fireball at you and the man, and the puddle of gas. The only way to stop the machine is to beat this man to death with the bat and hit the controls off. As you beat the man in the softer areas, the baseball machine gets faster and closer to hitting you. You realize that the stop button is behind his head. In order to stop this carnage, you have to hit this alive man in the face with a baseball bat.

Nick G:

You're in a cage and you hear squeaking and things are crawling all over you. Taped in your hand is a tape recorder and the message explains to you that in one of these rats is a key to unlock yourself from the floor and move from the cage. The cage is closing in with every minute and their are hundreds of rats. As the cage closes in, you wonder a way to open these rats. As you cant move your hands far out from your body, you are forced to lift up rats and bite their heads off. You must find the rat with the key before the cage closes in and you are smashed.

Victor M:

My idea would be that a guy is locked in a apartment of a run-down building. He would wake up in pool of blood in the bathroom. As he wakes up he looks around to see where he is. He gets up and you could see that there's a bandage against the side of his stomach. He limps around the bathroom looking for a light switch, he finds it, the light turns on and we can see that the bathroom is disgusting. You could tell that nobody has occupied that bathroom in years. The guy limps towards the mirror and looks at himself, he notices that on the sink there's a tape recorder with a note next to it that says "play me". He does and jigsaw's voice starts to speak, at first jigsaw tell' s him that he's there for a reason and that after tonight, if he lives, he will value life even more than he ever did. It seems that our character is there because he was cheating on his wife with her best friend and he got her pregnant. For now that's all jigsaw will say about the situation.

Our guy walks out the bathroom and into the main room of the apartment. There's no furniture, the windows are shut and blinded, and the door is locked from the outside. The only thing that is in the room is a huge crate with a blanket covering it. All of a sudden the lights flash on, they blind our guy, we hear a voice, it's jigsaw. He tells our guy(who's name is Jeff) that he knows that he's been cheating on his wife with her friend and that she had a daughter not to long ago. He comes the twist, jigsaw tells Jeff that he has removed one of his kidney's and that he has injected him with a very dangerous toxin that attacks the kidneys. If Jeff only has one then he won't have long to live. Now for the surprise, a hook comes down from the roof and lift's up the sheet revealing two children, one is Jeff's son Alex, the other one is the daughter of the women from the affair. Her name is Stacy. Jigsaw tells him that for his infidelity he will have to make a choice no man should ever make. If Jeff wants to live he is going to have to choose, out of the two children, which one will live and which one will die, he will have to make this choice if he wants the antidote. Which one will he choose? The son he has loved since the day he was born or the daughter who was born out of an affair? Which one?

Ryan G:

Stick president George Bush in a room. all the tasks he would do would be related to the things he's screwed up as president. Like make him drink oil, kill a random innocent Iraqi person in order to get a freakin' key or something. That would be a an interesting Saw story.


UPDATE: This contest is now over. The winners' names and stories will be posted up here shortly. Thanks to all of your sick f*cks who entered. Wow, there's some real nuts out there...the SAW III producers should call me up for ideas.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to catch SAW II yet, but the Arrow saw it the other day and said that it was pretty good (read his review HERE) and so far, even the "real critics" on Rotten Tomatoes having been giving it mostly positive notices, claiming that it apparently "fixes most of its problems" from the first one (I personally didn't think the first one had many problems to begin with), and providing more blood and kills and excitement. Sounds good to me! Anyway, for all of you who are totally stoked to catch the film over the weekend, Fandango and JoBlo.com/Arrow in the Head are giving away 5 double-passes to see the movie anytime/anywhere for FREE between October 27th and 31st.


All you need to do to win is DROP US AN EMAIL HERE with what you think would be the sickest SAW-like situation that you could think of, in which someone basically holds someone else hostage, and makes them have to do something nasty, in order to stay alive. Be creative and you'll get the winnings tickets!


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