Sgt. Rock flick?

What I recall of DC Comics character SGT. ROCK was that he carried a Tommy gun, always had a torn uniform, wore a bullet belt, and made lots of holes in Nazis. Is he finally fighting his way to the frontlines of the box office?

Uberproducer Joel Silver has been working on getting Rock a field promotion for the better part of 20 years. IGN chatted with Dark Castle VP David Gambino, who explains that the difficulty in bringing it to theaters is finding the right guy for the stripes ("There's not a lot of guys out there who can really step into the shoes, put a helmet on, and be a real tough guy"), and the challenge of shooting a big-screen war flick without creating a budgetary black hole.

The possible solution to that: doing it 300-style with digital backgrounds, for a similar comic book look as Rock and his diverse Easy Company unit battle in the European Theatre of WWII.

Either way, apparently the producers are happy with the script, so this tank could get rolling soon. Screenwriter John Cox penned Rock's most recent exploits, while previous writers involved with the project include Brian Helgeland, David Webb Peoples and John Milius (RED DAWN, CONAN THE BARBARIAN), who wrote a pretty great draft back in the early 90s.
Extra Tidbit: Sgt. Rock was punching Reich tickets a few years before Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos joined the war effort over in Marvel Comics.
Source: Filmforce



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