Spider-Woman motion

Before WATCHMEN came out, I actually downloaded the motion comics on XBOX. It was really interesting, and literally brought the comic to life.

Marvel is jumping on the bandwagon with it's first motion comic launched today, "Spider-Woman". I've never read any Spider-Woman comics because it's the equivalent of a Batgirl of Supergirl comic to me. I read the She-Hulk part in "Civil War", but that was so-so.

This series "Spider-Woman: Agent of Sword" is written by Brian Michael Bendis with art from Alex Maleev. If you read comics, you know you can never go wrong with anything written by Bendis.

Right now, it's only 99 cents on the almighty Itunes, so you might download it before it changes. When they first come out, it's usually so much for the first two weeks, then they up it a tad. I might check this out at some point to see the full thing, but I know when "Astonishing X-Men" written by Joss Whedon comes out, I'm all over it.

Extra Tidbit: Bendis has won five Eisner awards, and numerous Wizard awards. In other words, he knows what he's doing.
Source: Marvel



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