Spiderwick poster

A couple of days ago, we showed you the trailer for the upcoming children's fantasy adaptation THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES, and today we're able to follow that up with a rather etheral poster from the film. I'm loving the colours on this thing, and I'm loving the fact that there aren't any spiders involved either, despite the film's title (the only spider I'm not afraid of is the one on Spiderman's chest). The film takes place in a fantastical world of course, with goblins and fairies and other sorts of creatures that are hopefully not spiders. It was directed by MEAN GIRLS helmer Mark Waters, whose last film JUST LIKE HEAVEN was anything but. But this is an entirely new genre for the man, and everything so far looks good. It won't be the next HARRY POTTER, but what will, right? The movie is released on February 29, and you can click that shit to ENLARGE.
Extra Tidbit: Freddie Highmore (FINDING NEVERLAND) plays twin boys in this movie, all by his lonesome.
Source: /Film



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