Strong talks Sherlock

Mark Strong, SHERLOCK HOLMES Red hot British thesp Mark Strong recently spoke to IGN about his role as the villainous Lord Blackwood in director Guy Ritchie's upcoming SHERLOCK HOLMES in which he re-imagines the legendary sleuth as an ass whupping, martial arts wielding crime fighter in the form of Robert Downey Jr. It seems that while he's Holmes' main adversary in the film, Holmes' primary arch-nemesis Moriarty does play a role as sort of a set-up for a possible sequel. Says Strong, "Moriarty's in it... but you don't really see him. I think he's there because if the franchise carries on, there's a possibility that he will appear in a larger guise. But for the purposes of this one and the detective narrative, I'm the guy that Sherlock's after, Lord Blackwood. And he's a cultist/Satanist lord who is the ultimate cad." A Satanist who's the ultimate cad? Awesome. The uber-sleuthing and cultist charm starts November 20th next year.

Extra Tidbit: Strong's real name is Marco Giuseppe Salussolia.
Source: IGN



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