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The Bourne Mosaic?


THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM A little while ago, Universal signed a deal with Robert Ludlum's estate that would grant them exclusive rights to amnesiac super spy Jason Bourne and a first look at other Ludlum novels. And you bet your shiny little ass they're taking advantage of this to plot the further amnesiac adventures of Bourne. While talking to "Comingsoon.net", producer Frank Marshall mentioned the following:

Q: Would this come at all from the new book, "The Bourne Betrayal"?

Marshall: No, the "Bourne Betrayal" was written by a friend of Ludlum's.... It had nothing to do with us.... We want to stay true to the original character.

Q: Any ideas for a "Bourne" title?

Marshall: Well, there's a lot of jokes. "Bourne Again," "Bourne Yesterday," "Bourne Free," "Bourne on the Fourth." I actually want to do that. Call it that and release the movie on the fourth.

Q: Would you want to do a straight adaptation from one of the novels?

Marshall: Actually, there is. "The Parsifal Mosaic" is one that we like.

Mosaic, as per CS, "deals with a U.S. spy who falls in love with another spy who is revealed to be a double agent just before her death. When he retires from the business, though, the spy learns that she may still be alive and sets out to learn the truth."

So staying true to the character means ripping a story from a completely unrelated book? Ok, then. He also mentioned that only the writer George Nolfi is officially signed on. At this point, neither Matt Damon nor Paul Greengrass are officially on board.

Extra Tidbit: No, absolutely not. Do not turn the BOURNE series into MR. AND MRS. SMITH, goddammit!
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