The first four minutes of space Nazi opus Iron Sky blitz the Internet!

What needs to be said about IRON SKY that you don't already know? It has everything that a movie needs: space, Nazis, Space Nazis, blimps, action, busty women, Udo Kier, a Sarah Palin-esque President, and a moon base shaped like a swastika.

If you haven't already checked out the trailer, you should do so first to get an idea about this movie.  It harkens back to the old days of grindhouse cinema and the best types of exploitation movies.  If Nazis were good for one thing, it was making them into supernatural villains.  A few years ago, we got the return of the Nazi Zombie with DEAD SNOW.  Now, Space Nazis! 

The first four and a half minutes of the film have made their way online.  Check out the clip below.

Now, I cannot vouch for the scientific accuracy of shooting either guns or rockets on the moon, but that was certainly badass!

IRON SKY looks like pure ridiculous fun.  I am greatly looking forward to this one.  It just premiered at SXSW and will hopefully have a confirmed US release date soon.

Extra Tidbit: Which was the better use of Nazis and the supernatural: HELLBOY or RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK?
Source: YouTube



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