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We've been quiet of late, in terms of shaking things up on the site, but let me tell you, we've got a shitload in the oven (that didn't sound too good, but you hear me) and some of it will be getting splattered all over your monitor pretty soon. Firstly, we'll be launching two "new" sites in the next month or so called the DVD CLINIC and MOVIEHOTTIES. Now I know what you're saying, "Don't you already run those sites?" Well, we tossed moviehotties up there as a "blog", but honestly, I'm not really hip to blogs...I find them too constrictive...like my Speedos.

The original mack-daddy: JoBlo.com!

So we've revamped that puppy as a full-blown JoBlo-esque website and it's a friggin' hoot! (see screenshot below) It will feature daily stories, just like on JoBlo.com, but will also feature tons of video hotties (yeah, we all love that shite) as well as photo galleries, weekly columns, polls and sections entitled "Boobies" and "Babes on the Beach" (and can you really go wrong with sections called "Boobies" and "Babes on the Beach"?!)

Next up, Moviehotties.com!

We're also launching our very own DVD website called the DVD CLINIC, which will essentially hijack the DVD reviews from JoBlo.com and make them their own, and add to that, daily DVD news stories, as well as weekly columns, rental and DVD box-office charts, and of course, more shite on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, including release dates.

And the DVD market: DVDClinic.com!!

Of course, JoBlo.com already houses two of the more popular sites of their kind in ARROW IN THE HEAD and MYJOBLO, respectively featuring the top in horror news, reviews and interviews and a top movie community of close to 35,000 registered members all looking to get to know one another better...and to debate what was really in the PULP FICTION suitcase!

Horror like no other: ArrowInTheHead.com!!

Once all 5 sites are up and running, we're essentially going to be morphing them all into our JOBLO NETWORK which for you means....well, not much, I guess. Just kidding. Actually, once they're all running, you'll be able to navigate from one site to the other pretty easily, as they will all be a part of JoBlo.com, despite having specific movie-related focuses of their own. More movie shite to love.

The schmoes unite at MyJoBlo.com!!

I'm pretty sure we're gonna stop adding sections/sites after that, as we'll be hitting most of what interests us in terms of MOVIES (and yes, you'll note, we're not straying from our focus on our beloved films...no TV, no games, etc...) and we believe that very focus will only strengthen the site, and our coverage, as a whole.

Of course, if you just checked out JoBlo.com in the first place and don't want to bother with the rest, it's all good, it'll still be here, as will Arrow in the Head, and the others, it's just that you'll now have the opportunity to appreciate the JoBlo sensibilities across all genres and focuses. Basically, if you've been diggin' everything that we've been tossing your way since 1998, methinks that you're gonna love all of the new stuff as well. Lots of other surprises to boot, but for now, let's just get these puppies up and running and take it from there.


I get at least 1 person/day emailing me to ask for a gig on our site and while I'd love to hire many of you, the truth is that we're already pretty jampacked with over 30 guys/gals helping us churn out the movie goodness from day-to-day, but the two "new" sites will demand a few more writers, so keep your eyes/ears peeled to the site for upcoming WANTED signs and apply within, if it's something that you believe you'd be great at.

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