This is no lie, Warner Bros. is planning a live-action version of Pinocchio

What's going on in the world of live-action adaptations? Well, Warner Bros. has decided to breathe life into PINOCCHIO.

Dan Jinks (AMERICAN BEAUTY, MILK) will produce with Bryan Fuller writing the script. Fuller has scripted several episodes for shows like PUSHING DAISES, HEROES, and my beloved WONDERFALLS. Jinks told Variety that he was inspired to start work on this new PINOCCHIO creation from Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND. He added, "I think we've found a fresh approach that's going to be very entertaining. Pinocchio is one of the most emotional fairy tales. I'm over the moon at the opportunity to play with all the characters in this toy box with a large-scale re-telling. It's exactly why I love writing."

The version of PINOCCHIO you might remember the most is the one that Disney released in 1940. "When you wish upon a star..." Francis Ford Coppola tried to produce the wooden boy back in 1990 for Warner Bros, but the project met its inevitable demise. The most recent version came from that silly guy, Roberto Benigni in 2002 where he took on the roles of acting and directing. One that Variety managed to miss was the 1996's THE ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO with Jonathan Taylor Thomas which was a live-action version co-starring Martin Landau.

Anyone up for more PINOCCHIO?

Extra Tidbit: I also remember MAN OF THE HOUSE that starred Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Chevy Chase. Yep, that happened.
Source: Variety



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