Tom Hardy will star in the Splinter Cell movie

It seems that in the very near future, all movies will either be based on Tom Clancy novels or star Tom Hardy. In this case, we will be getting both in the same movie.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Tom Hardy is now attached to star in SPLINTER CELL, based on the Clancy novels and video games. The movie will be written by Eric Singer, who wrote David O. Russell's upcoming AMERICAN BULLSHIT.

The games have a pretty structured plot but the basic story comes down to this: The protagonist, Sam Fisher, is a highly-trained agent of a fictional black-ops sub-division within the NSA, dubbed "Third Echelon". The player guides Fisher, who usually has the iconic trifocal goggles at his disposal, to overcome his adversaries in levels that emphasize light and darkness.

Tom Hardy is currently shooting MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, so he is definitely building up his action hero cred. SPLINTER CELL would be an interesting next step. This could also warrant a possible crossover with his THIS MEANS WAR costar Chris Pine who is starring in JACK RYAN. There were also rumors that Hardy would star in the adaptation of WITHOUT REMORSE, another Clancy adaptation, but I would think this would take him out of the running for that.



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