Train Dragon teaser

     Dragon teaser poster

Another day, another 3D CG animated movie. By now I'm almost expecting a 3D CG remake of THE LAND BEFORE TIME. All 20-something of 'em.

To be fair though, I know next to nothing about HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, and I can't say this teaser offered me much in that regard. It's from Dreamworks, it's in 3D, and it's about a Dragon. Could be quite cool, but there's been so many Pixar wannabes who clearly were NOT Pixar that I find it hard to get excited about it. But it has Jay Baruchel doing a voice and Jay's da man! Jonah Hill and Gerard Butler are also on board, not a bad thing either.

The film from director Peter Hastings who was a producer on "Pinky and the Brain" and "Animaniacs", which is indeed a good thing, comes in theaters March 26th.

Extra Tidbit: Is "Pinky and the Brain" out on DVD? Made myself want to watch it all of a sudden.
Source: Latino Review



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