UFC champ's a Weapon

Confession: I've never watched Ultimate Fighting Championship. If I feel compelled to watch random humans pummel each other in a variety of styles, there are a few local seedy drinking establishments that can regularly provide such entertainment. So aside from the dude who appeared on ENTOURAGE, I'm not familiar with a single one of the UFC's professional punchers. But I do know that some of them are making their way into the movie biz.

Ex-middleweight champ Rich "Ace" Franklin is the latest to take a shot at motion picture stardom, as the title role in an action flick called WEAPON. Franklin plays a "genetically engineered super-soldier" being hunted by his creator (the normally reliable Bruce Greenwood). Franklin's fleeing fighter hooks up with a border patrol cop, improbably played by (holy OMG remember her?) Tiffani Theissen, who gives him some help.

Stuntman John Stead is in Ontario directing the flick, which you might have seen when it was called UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, SOLO or something that starred Olivier Gruner.
Extra Tidbit: Franklin apparently got his nickname because of a resemblance to Jim Carrey.
Source: Variety



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