Vincent Goes 3-D

Tim Burton and Vincent Price go together like marsh and mallow and it’s a gift to all of us that the two were able to collaborate a couple times before the actor’s death. Most of you know him as the eerie elder who gave Edward his scissors in EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, but long before that, when Burton was still a fledgling filmmaker, the two collaborated on VINCENT, a short which is based on a poem by Burton.

Now comes official news that VINCENT will be converted to stereoscopic 3-D form, to be shown before prints of Burton’s THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS 3-D. The six-minute stop-motion short from 1982 is about a boy who imagines he is Mr. Price, who was Burton’s childhood idol and who narrates the film. This is exciting news for Burton fans, and comes on the heels of the biggest 3-D opening ever for Disney’s MEET THE ROBINSON’S. Are we looking at the future of film here people? THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS’ 3-D opening on October 19 will certainly have a say in that.

Extra Tidbit: If movies are supposed to be an escape from reality, should they STAY in 2-D?
Source: Cinematical



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