Wall Street 2 shots

Here's a first look at the shooting of WALL STREET 2 in Central Park, thanks to tipster Guts Spill. We see young Shia LaBeouf smoking and refusing to wear socks, and he’s joined by director Oliver Stone and Frank Langella, who plays his mentor in the film. An eyewitness describes some of the scenes that were shot in the area.

"In one scene, Langella looked like he’d just escaped from an asylum, wearing blue pajamas under a rumpled trench coat. In another, Stone appeared to be giving Langella intense direction on how to walk a pack of King Charles spaniels."

Sorry, I should have prefaced that with a “SPOILERS” tag if you didn’t want to know what kind of dogs Frank Langella has in the movie. Nowhere to be seen was Gordon Gekko himself, but I can’t imagine the man likes fresh air too much. Check out the pics below and click on them for a bunch more.

Extra Tidbit: I'm officially boycotting the MONEY NEVER SLEEPS subtitle for this movie.



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