Watchmen comparison

To maximize Comic Con synergy (and prompt plenty of conversations, for sure), the variations of WATCHMEN DVDs hit shelves today.

If you're grabbing the Director's Cut of Zack Snyder's grand superhero murder mystery, you may be curious to know how it differs from the theatrical version. DVD-Forum.at has an exhaustingly comprehensive breakdown of the scenes and how they differ. You can check out the entire analysis RIGHT HERE.

Snyder is also doing a "Live Community Screening" of the WATCHMEN Director's Cut at Comic Con on Friday (9:30pm PST) -- and if you own the Blu-Ray and a net-capable player, you can join in via BD-Live! You need an account (sign up HERE) and then go to the BD-Live menu on the disc. But you gotta be in the first 100,000 users to participate.

And if you're moving away from buying DVDs in favor of portability, the WATCHMEN Director's Cut is also available on iTunes RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: If the Special Edition came with "active ink" Rorschach mask, I'd pay plenty extra for that...
Source: DVD-forum



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