What's NOT at SDCC?

We spent the past couple days on the site covering what will be at Comic-Con and now that we've drooled accordingly, it's time to allow that pang of disappointment to come forth. Though we'll be getting AVATAR and IRON MAN 2, what's missing?

Last year there was a lot of commotion because WOLVERINE was not on the programming schedule. How can you have a Comic-Con without WOLVERINE?, they asked (the "they" being us). Turns out you can't. It was a pretty well-kept secret up until a certain point with only Hugh Jackman and a few select others at Fox aware of the surprise.

This year there promises to be some surprises as well. We're privy to some of them (and don't ask, cause I'm not talkin) and I think you'll be happy. But what about those films that would seem to be a perfect fit that don't look like their making an appearance at all this year? I picked five movies I was hoping were going to be there and are notably absent from the programming schedule:

SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD - One of the few films coming out in 2010 that's actually based on a comic, SCOTT PILGRIM seems like it'd be the perfect fit for Comic-Con. Edgar Wright is practically a God amongst this crowd and Michael Cera had tons of success when he brought SUPERBAD here two years ago (not to mention that creator Bryan Lee O'Malley will be on hand talking comics at a separate panel). Is it possible they're just too busy to bring Edgar and crew down? Do they not have enough footage to show? I don't necessarily buy either of those. Possibility of Surprise: 8/10

UPDATE - O'Malley has been Twittering about the lack of PILGRIM and said, "if this film wasn't coming out A YEAR FROM NOW and STILL IN PRODUCTION, maybe its busy makers would be more enthusiastic about promoting it!" adding, "S.P. The Movie shoots through August. 6-day weeks. 12-hr round trip to San Diego on a Sunday would kill everyone. Cut them some slack." Truth or clever misinformation campaign?

THE EXPENDABLES - Can you imagine the collective homoerotic nerdgasm that would erupt in Hall H if Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren and the rest of the cast walked out on stage? It'd put the TWILIGHT crowd to shame. This is the kind of film that seems like it's marketing directly to the Comic-Con crowd yet we have no presence. Filming has wrapped so there should be at least some footage to show. Perhaps it would be just to difficult to reunite the entire cast? Maybe Stallone is just Con shy? Possibility of Surprise: 4/10

THE SURROGATES - Disney has this ambitious sci-fi/action flick coming out in the fall and Comic-Con seems like a perfect time to get the buzz started. Disney is promoting a number of other films (like TRON 2, ALICE IN WONDERLAND and TOY STORY 3), so why not this Bruce Willis flick? Maybe it's an indication that it's not very good? Kevin Smith (who's filming COUPLE OF DICKS with Willis) will be there so it doesn't appear Willis will be busy. Maybe Disney wanted to save money on a panel and promote the movie in other, more clever, ways (a la EAGLE EYE). Possibility of Surprise: 2/10

CLASH OF THE TITANS - CLASH is shaping up to be one of 2010's biggest movies for Warner Bros. They've already teased us with some early photos from the film so why not a little early footage at Comic-Con? I think we've shown, via 300, that we're into musclebound guys with close-cropped hair cuts waving swords and shields around. I think that film started the whole "ONE MORE TIME!" chant that TERMINATOR SALVATION so shamelessly tried to recreate last year. Meanwhile Louis Letterier should show up just to get a round of applause for THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Possibility of Surprise: 5/10

THE GREEN HORNET - I realize that this hasn't even started filming yet but t wouldn't be the first time a movie has had a panel without an inch of film being shot (Zack Snyder was here for WATCHMEN in 2007 just shooting the shit). The 2009 Con would be a great time to bring out Rogen and Gondry and officially introduce us to the rest of the cast. Of course it's entirely possible the rest of the cast isn't complete yet (with Cameron Diaz still rumored to be in "early talks"). But just to see some concept art and to hear Rogen and Gondry's detailed thoughts on the film would be awesome. Possibility of Surprise: 3/10

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