Williams is Banned

I don't quite understand the career of Robin Williams. Not many people have this many wide swings back and forth between classic films and performances and complete trash, and I’m afraid this latest endeavor will likely fall into the latter category. Williams has signed on for his second wedding-pun-themed comedy in two years (after LICENSE TO WED) called WEDDING BAND.

It follows a father and his ex-wife who kidnap their daughter on her wedding day to avoid her from making a huge mistake. Not the worst concept in the world, but the project is being written by Jack Amiel and Michael Begler, who are responsible for THE SHAGGY DOG and RAISING HELEN. Hmm.

I’m not saying Williams has lost his touch (everyone says he’s pretty excellent in WORLD’S GREATEST DAD), I just don’t understand why he picks some of the projects he does. In fact, I’m of the firm opinion that Williams is actually a better dramatic actor than a comedic one, at least recently. See ONE HOUR PHOTO, INSOMNIA, WHAT DREAMS MAY COME and GOOD WILL HUNTING for reference. Then see PATCH ADAMS, RV, MAN OF THE YEAR and most likely OLD DOGS for contrast.

Extra Tidbit: And your favorite Robin Williams role is...
Source: Variety



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