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Wilson is Marmaduke


Owen's roadside assistance

Seems that MARLEY & ME did good things for Owen Wilson, so he'll be sticking in the Dog Movies realm for a little bit. The actor is the final piece of the MARMADUKE casting where he'll voice the titular Great Dane. Gotta pay the rent, I guess.

Wilson will be joining the likes of Ron Perlman, Emma Stone,  Steve Coogan and Damon & Marlon Wayans among others as the animal-side of the film while Judy Greer and William H. Macy play poop-scooping humans. Unless talking dogs are also potty trained. Something to think about next time you get drunk.

The film directed by FAILURE TO LAUNCH helmer Tom Dey and based on the long-running comic strip goes into theaters in June 2010. No pressure there -Same month as TOY STORY 3, JONAH HEX and THE A-TEAM. Oh, and that 3rd Twilight film, whatever it's called.

Extra Tidbit: If Heathcliff makes an appearance in that thing, MAYBE I'll be a bit interested...



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