(WINNER ANNOUNCED) Our 10th Annual Oscar prediction contest! Win a Blu-Ray player!

UPDATE: The winner of our 10th Annual JoBlo.com Oscar Prediction contest is...Brian Fernades! Brian managed to score a sweet-ass 90/100, with 3 others finishing right behind him with 89/100. The winner of our JoBlo.com Staff Oscar Prediction contest was Mathew Plale with 85/100, followed by JimmyO and Mike Catalano from AITH. I got 59/100 myself. Meh. If you want to see how YOU DID in the contest, CLICK HERE to download an Excel file with the entire list of entrants with their names/scores in order from kick-ass to suckiness (or HERE for a simple Text file). See ya'll next year!!

For anyone who is not yet aware, the Oscars will be announced this coming Sunday night, March 7th, starting at 8pm EST, but until then, you get a chance to win a BLU-RAY PLAYER courtesy of JoBlo.com (as well as 'bragging rights', of course) if you are the person who ends up predicting the Oscars the best. If you'd rather have an iPod, that's cool as well, as long as the price isn't more than $250 beans. This will be our 10th ANNUAL OSCAR PREDICTION CONTEST on JoBlo.com, which is now running directly off our own Golden Schmoes website automated and everything!

All you need to do is enter your name or username, as well as a valid email address (if you put a phony one, we won't be able to email you if you win - we don't do anything else with 'em), and then choose your picks from a list. The highest score that you can attain is 100, you can see the list of nominees and their point values below, along with the basic contest guidelines. Once you SUBMIT your picks, you will be able to PRINT them for yourself afterwards. Good luck!! PS: If you haven't done so, make sure to vote for the Golden Schmoes afterwards, we hand those winners out this Friday!


1) Your guesses should be for those movies/people who you think WILL win the Oscar, not who you think should win! A very clear difference.

2) Points will be allotted to each category as specified below. Whoever ends up with the most points....well, wins!

3) In case of a tie, the winner will be determined according to the one who picked correctly the top-most categories (i.e. if one person got BEST PICTURE correct and the other didn't, all the way down the categories). The winner will ultimately be chosen at the discretion of the accountants at JoBlo Media Inc. (that's "code" for ME!!)

4) If you haven't included a valid email address with your picks, we won't be able to email you if you win, hence, you automatically forfeit the prize to the next person on the list.

5) The contest begins on March 1st and ends on March 7th at 6pm (EST). The Oscars will be handed out on February 22nd at 6pm (EST).

Source: Golden Schmoes



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