You and Spidey?

Ever look in the mirror and dream of one day being Ryan Seacrest or Nancy O'Dell? Well, future entertainment broadcasters of America, your time has come. Sony Pictures is looking for the "Face of the Fan" to become the official host of the SPIDER-MAN Network. Allow me to translate that into English: they're looking for two people to deliver news via video clips to visitors to SPIDER-MAN 3's official site. What you need to do to enter is video tape yourself performing the script Sony has laid out for you. It's pretty much cut and dry until the end when they ask you to (gulp) improv. You're asked to complete this sentence yourself: "Network members, get working on your Spider-Man fan profiles because the Spider-Man Movie Network AIM Page community is going to be____________________." Hmm, the Spider-Man Movie Network AIM Page community is going to be what exactly? Scrumpulescent? Cromulent? Badonkulous? Take this advice aspiring web anchors and run with it. Sadly I cannot enter this contest so I pass my wisdom on to you. The winners will be called upon to provide hosting services for a minimum of three (non-consecutive) days for the Spider-Man Movie Network at the rate of $800/day beginning on March 1, 2007 and ending on May 31, 2007. Stop dilly-dallying future Billy Bushes! Your future awaits!

Extra Tidbit: When you become a entertainment news personality, my advice is to not get drunk and coked up and make sexually-charged voicemails to women who are not your wife. Not a good PR move.
Source: Sony Pictures



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