13 Fanboy trailer: Friday the 13th alumni slasher comes to DVD in March

Last Updated on February 1, 2022


13 Fanboy, a slasher that was directed by Friday the 13th: A New Beginning‘s Deborah Voorhees and has several other Friday the 13th alumni in the cast, was given a theatrical and VOD release back in October. Now Mill Creek Entertainment has announced that they’re teaming up with DeskPop Entertainment to bring 13 Fanboy to DVD on March 8th, and you can check out the trailer above! As of right now, copies can pre-ordered on Amazon for just $9.99.

Written by Voorhees and producer Joel Paul Reisig, the film tells the following story: 

An obsessed fan stalks his favorite actors from the Friday the 13th films and beyond. As a child, Kelsie Voorhees witnesses the murder of her grandmother, Friday the 13th actress Deborah Voorhees, at the hands of a crazed fanboy. As an adult, she discovers her grandmother isn’t the only victim and the killer is still out there searching for his favorite Friday the 13th cast members and iconic scream queens to slaughter, mirroring his idol Jason Voorhees, as he still can’t seem to separate the characters in the movies from their real-life personas.

Voorhees has an acting role in 13 Fanboy, and is joined in the cast by Friday the 13th franchise stars Kane Hodder, C.J. Graham, Judie Aronson, Lar Park Lincoln, Tracie Savage, Jennifer Banko, Ron Sloan, Carol Locatell, and Corey Feldman. Their co-stars include Hayley Reece Greenbauer, Andrew Leighty (Never Hike Alone), Vincente DiSanti (also Never Hike Alone), and genre icon Dee Wallace (The Hills Have Eyes, The Howling, Cujo, Rob Zombie’s Halloween, etc.)

I watched 13 Fanboy back in October and had a good time watching the F13 stars deal with a slasher (you can read my review at THIS LINK), so I’ll probably be picking up a copy of this movie to stick next to the actual Friday the 13th movies in my collection.

What do you think of the 13 Fanboy trailer? Here’s what the DVD artwork looks like:

13 Fanboy DVD

Source: Arrow in the Head

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