Aaron Paul teases the return of Jesse Pinkman in El Camino

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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Yes, a BREAKING BAD movie is coming, yes it will center on the returning Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman, and even more yes, much of it was developed and shot right under our very noses. After news broke about this upcoming movie under a year ago, we’re now only one month away from EL CAMINO hitting Netflix on October 11 and Paul has just taken to social media teasing the return of the on-the-run Pinkman.


The first Paul-less teaser dropped not too long ago offering a bit of a plot tease, featuring Pinkman’s pal Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) refusing to dish any info to the police who are trying to track him down. In Paul’s post, we don’t get any more details about where he drove off to at the end of the series, but the Emmy-winning actor did welcome back his iconic character.


Hello old friend. October 11th. Netflix. â??️ð???ð???ð??£ð??¥

A post shared by Aaron Paul (@aaronpaul) on Sep 8, 2019 at 6:30pm PDT


Netflix and writer/director/series creator Vince Gilligan have done an incredible job keeping everything about this movie a secret, with not much being known other than the link to Jesse. Then last week series regular Bob Odenkirk (who played Saul Goodman) said the movie had already been shot, and soon after a teaser dropped teasing the release date of mid-October. Again, we still don’t know much about the movie and where we’ll find Pinkman, but with about a month to go we will learn more as new trailers, stills and info hits the web.

I'm currently going through my rewatch of the series to get ready for CAMINO, and speaking as a huge fan of the series since the days it was airing on AMC I'm incredibly excited to see how Gilligan continues Pinkman's story. On the surface, he has the in-your-face confidence but he's truly a tragic character, never being able to find peace and with everything good being stripped from him in one way or another. The ending meant to hint he was finally driving away from his past and onward to something resembling a normal life, and in the movie, we will get to see just what that is — if he's able to find it at all. 

EL CAMINO: A BREAKING BAD MOVIE hits Netflix on October 11. 

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