Adam Green to co-direct weekly web series Horrified, hosted by Corri English

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

For years, we've been able to depend on HATCHET director Adam Green to deliver a short film around Halloween time. Now, the shorts are hitting his production company Ariescope's website much more frequently, as Green has started producing multiple weekly web series. It started with SCARY SLEEPOVER, a comedic interview show in which Green would have middle school-style sleepover parties with genre stars like Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Danielle Harris, and Tiffany Shepis. That was followed by Ben Rock and Bob DeRosa's 20 SECONDS TO LIVE, a show with a really fun concept – at some point during each episode, a 20 second countdown clock appears in the corner of the screen, notifying viewers that a character is about to meet their demise.

The third Ariescope web series will be premiering on Friday, July 17th. This one is called HORRIFIED, and Green will be directing the episodes with THE GUILD's Sean Becker. Corri English, who co-stars with Green on the sitcom HOLLISTON, will be hosting the show, which is described as

a confessional-style reality show where notable artists from all aspects of the entertainment industry reveal their most horrifying personal stories.   

A trailer for HORRIFIED has been released that gives a glimpse of some of the artists who will be telling their terrifying tales. The first season will consist of seventeen episodes, a run that builds up to Halloween.

With these shows and the Movie Crypt podcast he co-hosts with EVERLY director Joe Lynch, Green has really been killing it with the web content recently. I'm looking forward to watching his internet empire continue to expand, and HORRIFIED sounds like it will be just as solidly entertaining as its predecessors.

While we wait for HORRIFIED to make its debut, SCARY SLEEPOVER, 20 SECONDS TO LIVE, and many shorts are available to watch right now on


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