Airheads: Adam Sandler said he’d quit the hard rockin’ comedy if Brendan Fraser was not a part of the cast

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Adam Sandler is notorious for taking care of his friends. Whether he’s lining them up as producers for his latest off-color comedy or celebrating their talents during interviews, the Saturday Night Live alum is not afraid to go to bat for who he believes in. Speaking on Variety’s Actors on Actors, Sandler said he recognized Brendan Fraser‘s talent after seeing him in 1992’s Encino Man and knew he deserved more significant roles.

According to Sandler, Airheads director Michael Lehmann was “very against” casting Fraser in the role of Chazz, the long-haired lead singer and guitarist of the Lone Rangers musical trio.

“He was like, ‘I don’t get it. I don’t see the caveman being in the movie.’ And I just said, ‘He can do other shit, man,'” Sandler said to Fraser during their talk. Fraser responded, “Are you pulling my chain right now?” Sandler revealed he went to Lehmann’s house “at like 4 in the morning, woke him up, and I said, ‘Just know Adam Sandler ain’t going to be in Airheads unless old Fraser is in it.'”

As Sandler tells it, Lehmann “changed his little tune” after the Sandman laid down the gauntlet. Fraser responded by saying Lehmann was more than cordial and enthusiastic when he flew to Chicago to meet him. However, Sandler is calling bullshit on this as well. Saying Lehmann is a “filthy liar,” telling Fraser, “He didn’t want you. I did, and the rest is pretty good. You had a good life because of me.”

Sandler also pointed out to Fraser that his Encino Man co-star, Pauley Shore, was nervous about losing him to another life in Hollywood. Shore wanted everyone to be available to shoot Encino Man 2 if a sequel got the green light. “I don’t want him doing other shit,” Shore said to Sandler. “Don’t do that to him,” Sandler replied, unwilling to let others stand in the way of Fraser expanding his horizons.

Once all was said and done, Fraser, Sandler, and Steve Buscemi rocked alongside one another in the hilarious cult comedy overpopulated by guest stars, including Michael Richards, Chris Farley, Michael McKean, Ernie Hudson, David Arquette, and more.

Can you imagine Airheads without Fraser? Does it make your heart warm to know Sandler is out there throwing punches on Fraser’s behalf? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Variety

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