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Last Updated on July 30, 2021

"Dude, imagine if Al Pacino and Christopher Walken were roommates?" I think I had this exact conversation with a friend of mine several years ago while watching the movie Stand Up Guys (which starred the pair) with some "now legal in Canada" inspiration, if you know what I mean! So, when our own JOBLO MOVIE TRAILERS premiered a show called Roomies, based on that exact premise back in July 2015, I was all in! At the time, I actually really dug this surprisingly high-end comedy, which was extremely popular for us back in the day. A few weeks ago, we put on a few episodes and were surprised by how well it holds up, so we figured, hey, why not cut the whole nine-episode season together into a mini-movie, and post on JOBLO VIDEOS?  

The show was created by JoBlo CEO and founder Berge Garabedian, written by Sevan Garabedian, and directed and animated by Michael & Dylan Sprague. All of the characters are voiced by the uncanny Jason Stephens. He nails his impressions of Al Pacino, Christopher Walken along with a whole slew of your favorite stars! 

Here's the premise of the show:

Even though actors Al Pacino and Christopher Walken are actually rich/millionaires, they prefer to live together college-style in an apartment (mind you, it's in a posh high-end NY condo building) because they want to "remember what it was like to struggle" when they were first starting out in show business all those years ago. They try not to touch their bank accounts and live on a measly monthly allowance. Walken is married on the show (as in real life) but doesn't really acknowledge it all that much, other than to say "I have to go see the wife" every now and again or "Al, it's my wedding anniversary, so I gotta go see the wife." The joke is that he prefers to live with Pacino and help him as he goes through this "later life" crisis.

The overall arc of the season revolves around Al being upset that Robert DeNiro keeps getting better roles than him. Walken is the calm one and always tries to look at the brighter side of life. One thing that's especially funny now, all these years later, is that in early episodes, Pacino is mad that Martin Scorsese has never put him in a movie. A few years after this premiered – BOOM – he ended up in The Irishman, with an Oscar nomination for his trouble! The season includes tons of celebrity cameo appearances, including Jeff Goldblum, Keanu Reeves, Spongebob Squarepants, Robert DeNiro, Chevy Chase, James Wan, Francis Ford Coppola, Sandra Bullock, Nicolas Cage, Kevin Pollak, Scooby-Doo, Talia Shire, Lorne Michaels, James Franco, Morgan Freeman, Gary Busey, Sean Connery, Seth Rogen and many more! 

This show is specifically tailored to major movie fans with in-jokes, movie quotes and connections, and celebrity cameos galore. If you think you can find every reference in the show, you're something special. This series is R-rated for lots and lots of profanity; you have been warned!

PS: STAY TUNED until the end of the video for animated BLOOPERS and OUTTAKES!!

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