Alien TV series is meant to run for multiple seasons, but Noah Hawley knows where the story is going

The Alien TV series from Fargo TV series creator Noah Hawley is intended to run for multiple seasons, and Hawley has the story mapped out

The Alien franchise is set to continue on the small screen with an “FX on Hulu” TV series from Fargo creator Noah Hawley, a show that began filming last year, then had to halt production after a month due to the actors strike. Production is set to resume any day now – and during an interview with Collider, Hawley confirmed that while the series is intended to be a recurring show that will last for more than one season, he also knows where the story is going. He’s just not sure yet how many seasons it will take to get there.

Hawley said, “I think that endings are what gives a story meaning, and so you should never start a story without some sense of where it’s going because then you can really build that meaning into it. With Legion, I had what felt like a three-act structure to it that I didn’t know if that would be three seasons or five seasons, or whatever it was, but I sort of knew what a beginning, middle, and end was. And here, similarly, I knew that their desire was for a recurring series, not a limited series, and I had an idea that I was excited about, that I could see the escalation of it from one year to another. That’s where we ended up not pitching them having a bible or pitching them blow-by-blow, but saying, ‘Big picture: this is the first movement, this is the second movement, and we’re ultimately going here.’ Obviously, they trust me after all these years, and the writing was on the page for the first year. So, in success, you tell the story and tell the story until the story is done. They’re very good at that at FX, of not wanting you to milk something that feels like it’s over. Legion, for me, I thought ended quite elegantly in that last season with a sort of perfect circle, literally back to the opening image. If they’d said we want one more season, now you’ve got a detour and you’ve gotta sort of add a thing that’s not organic to the full story. It’s just better if the story itself can drive how long it is. We want quality, not quantity.

One of the first things we heard about the Alien TV series – and one of the most surprising things about it – is that it will actually be set on Earth, a couple decades before the events of the first movie. FX chairman John Landgraf has said the show will take place “right near the end of this century”, and a late-2090s setting would place this between the events of Prometheus and Alien: Covenant… but Hawley has chosen not to acknowledge them. Hawley decided to set the show on Earth because “The alien stories are always trapped… Trapped in a prison, trapped in a space ship. I thought it would be interesting to open it up a little bit so that the stakes of ‘What happens if you can’t contain it?’ are more immediate.

Hawley’s Alien TV series stars Sydney Chandler (Pistol) as the meta-human Wendy, who has the body of an adult, but the brain and consciousness of a child; Essie Davis (The Babadook) as Dame Silvia, Alex Lawther (The End of the F*cking World) as a soldier named CJ, Samuel Blenkin (Black Mirror) as a CEO named Boy Kavalier, Adarsh Gourav (The White Tiger) as a character named Slightly, Kit Young (Shadow and Bone) as a character called Tootles, and Timothy Olyphant (Justified), who is said to be playing Kirsh, a synth who acts as a mentor and trainer for Wendy.

Also in the cast are Babou Ceesay (Guerrilla), Jonathan Ajayi (Wonder Woman 1984), Erana James (The Wilds), Lily Newmark (Sex Education), Diêm Camille (Washington Black), Adrian Edmondson (The Young Ones), Moe Bar-El (The Peripheral), and David Rysdahl, who worked with Hawley on Fargo season 5.

The Alien TV series is believed to have an eight episode first season. The show is aiming for a 2025 premiere – so before it starts airing, we’ll see the theatrical release of the new Alien movie (possibly called Alien: Romulus) that has been directed by Alvarez and is set between the events of the original Alien and AliensThat movie is on track for an August 16, 2024 theatrical release.

Ridley Scott is producing the Alien TV series through his Scott Free banner. Here’s a list of everything we know about the Alien TV series so far.

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Source: Collider

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