Spoon! The Tick gets a release date for its second season!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Oh happy day! I have loved Amazon Prime's new THE TICK reboot! It's funny, it's heart-breaking, it's action-packed. The thing that's really great about it though, is it takes its characters seriously. Even The Tick. But it, conversely, also doesn't downplay the absurdity of the idea of a world where superheroes exist (I love the fact there's just a giant robot head on the sidewalk in one shot). So it gets to kind of have its cake and eats it too. Because while the cartoon was just goofy fun, and the first live-action iteration was a funny spoof, this version is something more.

Which is why I'm excited to announce that the second season finally has a release date! Unfortunately it's not going to be until February 23rd, 2018. Better late than never, I suppose! Anyway, if you haven't checked out the series yet, here's the official synopsis:

In a workaday world where superheroes fly among us, mild-mannered accountant Arthur Everest (GRIFFIN NEWMAN) suspects The City is controlled by a fabled villain known as The Terror (JACKIE EARLE HALEY), despite evidence of The Terror’s death 15 years ago. Arthur has a traumatic connection with The Terror, whose movements he has obsessively tracked since childhood. Arthur’s sister, Dot (VALORIE CURRY), is a paramedic who dotes on her brother but also provides a sibling’s tough love. The more he talks about super-villain super-conspiracies, the more she warns him to “keep it real.”

Fate soon brings Arthur together with a tall, verbally adroit muscleman with superpowers and a mysterious past: The Tick (PETER SERAFINOWICZ). As they investigate the mystery surrounding The Terror, they draw attention from the electrifying enigma known as Miss Lint and a hyper-violent vigilante named Overkill, confronting the complexity of the struggle between good and evil. THE TICK, bursting with relentlessly original storylines and quotable dialogue, shows what a blast crusading for truth and justice can be. Our culture is now awash with self-serious mythologies and grimly determined, interchangeable characters filling not just franchises but entire universes. The time has come for THE TICK.

Meanwhile, you can stream THE TICK season one on Amazon Prime right now!

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