Angel Eyes

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Director: Luis Mandoki
Writer: Gerald DiPego
Producers: Mark Canton, Elie Samaha
Jennifer Lopez
Jim Caviezel
Sonia Braga
A woman cop saves someone’s life at the beginning of this movie. Some time later, she herself gets her own life saved by an unknown man. Some time after that, the two begin to fall for one another. And even more time after that, we all try to figure out where this “mysterious” man came from. Well, at least some of us do…
A serviceable grief/romance drama that might be appreciated by those looking for that kind of thing…but not me. I was personally not moved, entertained or enlightened by anything that went on during this movie. Yeah, the two leads were definitely good enough to keep me somewhat interested through some of it, but as soon as I started to recognize the “same old same old” path that they were following, I wasn’t much inclined to invest myself much further. The pace was slow, the dialogue plodding and the entire mood of the film was just too somber. Granted, sad dramas aren’t exactly supposed to be synonymous with “pick me ups”, but the energy and center of this film just felt off. Add that to the “sappy” moments of romance, the lack of palpable chemistry between the leads and the film’s inevitable conclusion, and there wasn’t really much in this movie that I could recommend. Actually, Jennifer Lopez did look really good in a cop uniform and even more so, when she was down to just her white t-shirt. Aaaaaaaaaahhh! But I digress.

It’s funny because the trailer for this movie was made to be very ambiguous, very mysterious, with a possible hint of the supernatural. Unfortunately for us, the film plays itself out that same way also, but stretches it over two hours. Now I certainly don’t mind a little teasing over a two-minute movie trailer, but if you’re gonna play with me for over an hour and a half, make sure that you’ve got some engaging stuff happening on-screen during that time period and a solid payoff in the end. There are only so many times that I can listen to Jennifer Lopez asking Jim Caviezel about his unexplained past, etc…before I say “enough!” I don’t know, I guess the bottom line with this review is that the film just didn’t pull me in as much as it should have, and that might have something to do with my not being part of this film’s target audience in the first place. It certainly did a number on my female companion though, who felt that the film delivered in respect to character development. But in my opinion, if sad movies, moments of grief, touches of romance, plenty of sluggishness and obvious conclusions are your bag (is that a good sell or what?!), check this puppy out. Otherwise, drop your lady friend off in front of the theatre and come back two hours later to pick her up. Trust me…you’ll thank me later.

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

Angel Eyes



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