Arthur and Miss Lint have a confrontation in The Tick clip

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

I’ve said many times I’m excited for the upcoming THE TICK series, and this clip helps illustrate why. If you were to watch this clip out of context, for the first half-to-three-fourths of it, you’d think it was just a regular superhero/thriller series. The lighting, music, and tone doesn’t tip you off immediately. It isn’t until we notice the lint floating around Miss Lint, or the fact that she is obviously still not over a break-up with Overkill, that we see the comedic underpinnings of everything.

And, see, that’s what I’m intrigued most about this new iteration of THE TICK. It’s got all the trappings of recent superhero dramas, right down to the over-self-seriousness, the serialization, the twisty plots…but it’s also peeling back, satirizing, and ultimately breaking those tropes. The Tick’s big-dumb blue lug and his nerdy sidekick don’t belong in this world, and the tension between those two realities is already paying dividends. I can’t wait!

Meanwhile, THE TICK will burst onto Amazon Prime streaming August 25th.

Source: YouTube

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