Azura Skye to topline indie horror-thriller The Factory

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

“American Horror Story” actress Azura Skye has just joined Bill Sage and John Hennigan to topline Dena Hysell’s upcoming horror-thriller THE FACTORY (not to be confused with the recently released John Cusack-starring film of the same title). Variety is reporting that filming on the film will begin next week in New York.

Penned by Golan Ramras and based on a story by Isak Borg and Hysell, THE FACTORY chronicles…

a group considering buying an old factory who then get trapped inside trying to escape the demons from the factory’s past.

Hysell stated that the story was inspired by recent garment factory fires in Pakistan and Bangladesh, saying…

“How is it possible that a century ago, we figured out how to stop these tragedies here, yet for all our talk of globalization, they continue in other countries? Now wrap that question up in a good ghost story and we have a movie that we can’t wait to bring to audiences.”

Sounds pretty intriguing to me!

We’ll keep you posted on news regarding THE FACTORY as it comes our way.

Source: Variety

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