WTF Happened to Whoopi Goldberg?

For our money, Whoopi Goldberg ranks as one of the greatest actresses of her generation. If you were born after a certain date, you may most know her as a host on The View, but long before that she’s was breaking down walls and winning Oscars. Her list of credits inspires awe. There’s Steven Spielberg’s The Color Purple, Ghost (she won the Oscar for that one), Sister Act, which was so good that it got a sequel, Jumping Jack Flash, and many more. Heck, she even made a more than credible action hero in the badass eighties flick Fatal Beauty. At the height of her fame, she made a risky move by going to TV and recurring on Star Trek: The Next Generation as Guinan, but she was a fan of the franchise and didn’t care that she could get pigeonholed as a TV actress.

Indeed, Whoopi was the best and it’s a shame that in recent years she’s gotten less big roles in movies, although she’s reprising Guinan on Star Trek: Picard and there are rumours of a Sister Act sequel happening on Disney Plus. Time will tell, but in the episode of WTF Happened to this Celebrity we celebrate a talent that’s not one to shy away from controversy (a massive understatement if you watch The View) but remains an impeccable actress (even if she did do Theodore Rex). 

This episode of WTF Happened to this Celebrity is written (with Brad Hamerly), edited, narrated and produced by Taylor James Johnson. Watch previous episodes below and let us know your favorite Whoopi Goldberg movies in the comments!

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