It’s a magical day! Neil Breen goes on GoFundMe to pitch new film Twisted!

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

I can't get enough Neil Breen! The man is clearly insane, but keeps getting to make bonkers films, and I couldn't love him more for it. Unlike other bad movie writer-directors (like Tommy Wiseau), Neil Breen doesn't ride on the coattails of one success, and has currently made four films (each one more crazy than the last). And he even has his own tropes, such as hacking secret government files with laptops that don't turn on, skeeving out his female co-stars, and a severe God complex (in all films he has magical powers, and in two of them he is literally an alien god).

So it is indeed a magical day with news that he's trying to fund his new film TWISTED (temporary title) on GoFundMe. Here's what the man has to say for himself (sic):

I'm raising money for my next Indie feature film "TWISTED" ( working title), a psychological thriller.  This will be my 5th theatrical feature film as the producer , writer and director . My last 2 feature films PASS THRU and FATEFUL  FINDINGS have been profitable . Each one of my films gets progressivley bigger , better and more successful . I've included a video presentation and update here and on youtube for your review . I've set a target amount which I hope we will exceed . This amount is not the total budget for the film . I welcome donations of all sizes , large and small . If an investor wants to donate a large amount you can contact me and we can discuss possible film credits . This Go Fund Me campaign will continue on and does not have a stopping date .Thanks again for your continued support . It is much appreciated by me .

Help spread the word!

And here's a video to go along with it:

Wait, no hacking? I don't know how I feel about all that…

I also find it amusing that this is on a GoFundMe page instead of Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, since this site is usually known for getting people out of homelessness and bad situations, not fund shitty movies. What's interesting about GoFundMe, is that unlike the other crowdingfunding sites, you don't have to reach the necessary goal to get the money, and you get the full amount. So Breen's either really ignorant, or really saavy. Neither would surprise me.

Either way, TWISTED will be coming out not soon enough!

Source: GoFundMe

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