Barbie movie: Issa Rae and Michael Cera join Greta Gerwig’s anticipated take on the iconic toy

Barbie, Issa Rae, Michael Cera, Margot Robbie, Greta Gerwig

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie cast is getting bigger by the day. The highly-anticipated film recently added Issa Rae (A Black Lady Sketch ShowSpider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – Part 1) and Michael Cera (Arrested DevelopmentScott Pilgrim vs. the World) to its star-studded roster. Details about who they will play are being kept under wraps, but Barbie may need to clear some space in her pink convertible for some friends.

Gerwig’s Barbie movie already stars Margot Robbie as Mattel‘s blonde bombshell, with Ryan Gosling to star as her main squeeze, Ken. Other stars include Will Ferrell, America Ferrera, Simu Liu, and Kate McKinnon.

Details about the plot are unknown but Robbie has stated that the film is not what fans of the character expect. If I’m being sincere, I’m dying to see a trailer for this project. Gerwig has an opportunity to say something powerful through Barbie in this film, and I suspect that she won’t squander the opportunity. Plus, with the cast shaping up like it is, this movie has more stars than a night’s sky.

“The name itself, people immediately have an idea of, ‘Oh, Margot is playing Barbie, I know what that is,’ but our goal is to be like, ‘Whatever you’re thinking, we’re going to give you something totally different — the thing you didn’t know you wanted,” Robbie previously told The Hollywood Reporter about the upcoming film.

I’m not going to lie; my interest is piqued. Bring on the first-look images! Cut that trailer, and let me see what you have cooked up. My body is ready.

Update: Moments after posting this article, it was announced that Hari Nef is also joining the cast of Gerwig’s Barbie movie. Nef is a noise-making trans performer who’s appeared in releases like Assassination NationTransparent, and You.

Source: People

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