Batman Ninja anime trailer is a sight to behold!

Wow, this is quite something. Apparently the top talents in anime – including the screenplay being written by the writer of KILL LA KILL and character designs by the designer on AFRO SAMURAI – are coming together to make an anime about Batman being transported to feudal Japan. This isn’t the first time Batman and anime have cross-pollinated, as there was the anime-influenced BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT shorts that came around the release of THE DARK KNIGHT. However, while that one was just mimicking the anime look and feel, this one is undeniably rooted in Japanese culture and minutiae.

Honestly, I’m on board. I always enjoy seeing how our heroes translate in other cultures, and the cartoon itself also just looks so damn cool and brutal. Sure, it’ll probably just be a lot of fan-service and a barebones plot to have excuses for over-the-top fighting and action. But, so what? That’s half the reason I watch Batman/anime in the first place! So bring it on, I say!

Meanwhile you can see BATMAN NINJA kicking ass and taking names sometime next year.

Source: YouTube

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