Batman Beyond: Director says new episodes possible if fans fight for them

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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Batman Beyond originally aired from 1999-2001 and the show has continued to be a huge part of the Batman fandom. Batman Beyond voice and casting director Max McMillian believes that new episodes are a strong possibility but he says it's going to take a solid fan campaign to make them happen.

During IGN Fan Fest's Batman Beyond table read with members of the cast, McMillian was asked about the possibility of the series getting a new season of the series or perhaps even a feature-length movie. Everyone involved is completely down with the idea of the show continuing in any capacity but McMillian did indicate that it was going to take some work from the fans to make these new episodes a reality:

"It will depend on the fans asking, and asking, and asking for it until [show owner] Warner Bros. would be foolish not to. So they have to begin a campaign of sorts and just let Warner Bros. know that that's what they want. Because we would like to make it, it would be great fun – we're all still around, we're all still available, everybody's still doing beautiful work. So yes please, and thank you"

Consisting of three seasons and 52 episodes, Batman Beyond depicted a teenaged Batman in a futuristic Gotham City under the guidance of an elderly Bruce Wayne. The series is set in the chronological future of the DC animated universe and serves as a continue of Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures. Despite the show receiving some initial resistance from fans, Batman Beyond went to receive critical acclaim and a cult following that continues today.

Some fans have called for Warner Bros. to make a live-action Batman Beyond movie with a storyline similar to the cartoon series. One popular idea that has floated around is for Michael Keaton to reprise his version of Bruce Wayne from Tim Burton's Batman to serve as a mentor for a new hero. There's been no indication that Warner Bros. has considered this idea but fans continue to push for it to happen.

Do YOU think Warner Bros. should consider making new episodes of Batman Beyond or even a feature length movie?

Source: IGN

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