Baz Luhrmann calls himself an idiot for turning down the chance to direct a Harry Potter film

Not sure how many of you went out to see THE GREAT GATSBY when it released, but my Facebook feed was filled with some rather harsh reviews of the flick. Most saying that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book was just not meant for the big screen. One novel that shone brightly in theaters– HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE was once offered to director Baz Luhrmann.

The director revealed this during his appearance on THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW:

“The first one came along and they rang me, and while I love the pictures and the books now, then I thought, ‘What’s that?’ And said, ‘Well that sounds interesting, but I’m thinking of doing a reinvention of the modern musical’, and that was Moulin Rouge.”

Then quickly added:

“So I’m an obvious idiot, because I should have taken Harry Potter.”

The job eventually went to Chris Columbus, and the rest is history. Would you have rather seen Harry Potter done by Luhrmann or keep MOULIN ROUGE?

Source: Digital Spy

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