Bill Murray brushes his teeth while swearing profusely in this clip from Amazon’s pilot for Alpha House

Last Updated on August 2, 2021 just released all 14 pilots for their potential series and are allowing the public to choose which go to series. The biggest profile one so far has been ZOMBIELAND as it has the cred built up from the big screen version starring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Emma Stone. But, there is another pilot starring John Goodman that deserves some buzz.

ALPHA HOUSE stars Goodman as a United States Senator who shares a home in Washington, DC with three other politicians. The comedy seems to be a nice adult riff on the classic sitcom along with a more TV-MA vibe. By far the best of all of the Amazon pilots, I would love to see ALPHA HOUSE go to series. As a nice bonus, the episode features a cameo from none other than Bill Murray who, in just a short amount of screen time, manages to swear, brush his teeth, swear some more, shave, and swear yet again. Nothing is quite as funny as Bill Murray and this is my favorite clip of the day.

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ALPHA HOUSE also stars Mark Consuelos, Clark Johnson, and Matt Malloy. You can watch the entire episode online now at Amazon.

Source: Amazon Instant

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