Bloody new poster art for the Mo Brothers’ Killers

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

One of the coolest-sounding films of 2013 is KILLERS, the new collaboration from Indonesian directing duo The Mo Brothers, which is being produced, in part, by the team behind the international hit action film THE RAID. We last reported on KILLERS earlier this month when we shared the news that the film had been slaying sales ahead of the European Film Market, preselling to Germany (Tiberius), France (Wild Side), Turkey (Calinos) and Hong Kong (Sundream) to name a few.

Today we have a look at the new poster art for KILLERS, which you can check out below following the films’ synopsis.

KILLERS follows a Japanese serial killer (Kazuki Kitamura) with a large online following and a disgraced Indonesian journalist (Oka Antara) whose copycat vigilante murders gain him equal notoriety, leading  to a showdown.”

Especially cool is the fact the film stars Ray Sahetapy, the veteran Indonesian actor who played the crime boss Tama to brutal perfection in the aforementioned THE RAID.

KILLERS is being repped by XYZ Films. We’ll keep ya posted on news on this badass sounding flick as it rolls in!

Source: Arrow In The Head

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