Bootleg TDK trailer

I’ll make this short and sweet: by now I’m sure you’ve heard all about the latest DARK KNIGHT trailer shenanigans with people watching it theaters in some of the biggest cities. That’s all fine and good but I’m sitting here on my computer and I want to see it. Lucky I was able to track down the best quality bootleg I could and it’s ready for you now. Sadly we’ll have to wait until Sunday to see the trailer in HD (or you’ll see it in front of IRON MAN). I’m personally pretty sick of this DARK KNIGHT viral nonsense but perhaps I’m the only one. What do you think of the marketing campaign? VOTE HERE!.

UPDATE: As expected we were contacted by the Warner Bros. legal department and asked to remove the video. If you’re so inclined I’m sure you can find the copies floating about the web…

Source: JoBlo Video

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